Every Swarovski Element/Crystal is fed onto the wire and then twist a few times after which another crystal is fed onto the wire and so on. I am sure you can imagine the time involved where in some cases there are as many as 2000 crystals fixed into a bouquet.

Crystal Princess Wands

You may choose the clear crystal wand or decide to add some colour to match your theme.

Prices Start At: £ 70.00

Crystal Buttonholes.

Crystalbuttonholes are a beautiful accessory for the main bridal party or your other guests may like one of these stunning buttonholes to match their outfit.

Prices Start At: £ 25.00

Small Crystal bridesmaids bouquets.

These sparkling bridesmaids bouquets are perfect for the little girls or the more mature bridesmaids.

Prices Start At: £ 160.00

"Grace" Swarovski Crystal Bridal Bouquet.

Here we have the most beautiful designed bouquet, which is truely breath taking. Your guests will be amazed with the multitude of colour and sparkle this bouquet produces and it will compliment any Bridal Gown.

Prices Start At: £ 300.00

Crystal "Harper" Teardrop Bouquet.

A more traditional styled bouquet that flows elegently down the front of your bridal gown and looks absolutely stunning. Everyone admires this little beauty.

Prices Start At: £ 350.00

"Meredith" Crystal and Pearl Bridal Bouquet.

A very popular Bridal Bouquet holding, Swarovski Crystals, Glass Pearls, acrylics, diamante accents and Swarovski Pearls.

Prices Start At: £ 240.00

"Zayna" Swarovski Crystal Bouquet.

Created using all Swarovski Crystals this bouquet will grace any style of Bridal Gown.

Prices Start At: £ 300.00

"Esme" Bridal Bouquet

Stunning posy design availble in medium and large.

Prices Start At: £ 375.00

"Pearl" Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful Bouquet designed and created using Seed Beads, Swarovski Crystals, and Diamante accents.

Prices Start At: £ 250.00